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“I’m saying this is the South.  We’re proud of our crazy people.  We don’t hide them up in the attic.  We bring ‘em right down to the living room and show ‘em off.  See, Phyllis, no one in the South ever asks if you have crazy people in your family.  They just ask what side they’re on.” Julia Sugarbaker


The Curylos

My mother was an amateur photographer.  Not only did she teach herself photography, but she developed her own black & white photos at home.  In 2001, we started having an annual barbecue  for Nelson’s birthday.  He died April 19, 2004.     Carol Ann died suddenly & unexpectedly July  16, 2004.  Jewell died the following April 26,  2005. 

Moss Hill, Texas

My father was born in Moss Hill, Texas in 1918.   He lived there all his life.  My mother was born  in Beaumont, Texas in 1921.  They met one  summer when she was in Moss Hill, visiting her  grandparents.  They were married August 16,  1940.  My brother Edward was born July 18,  1941.  My sister, Carol Ann came along March  21, 1945.  My brother, Donald Lynn, aka Tex,  was born December 29, 1946.  Michael Lee  came alone July 29, 1951.  My mother thought  she was finished with kids, and I came and  spoiled all her pretty fun July 12, 1954, 

The Adventures of the Pattons

Some years will have months with no photos.  I’ll post all I have of Jewell Pattons pictures as I get them scanned.  Again. 2003           2004           2005           2006            2007           2008            2009           Mostly, the pictures from the 2Ks are copyright of Gene Curylo, Laurie Patton, Haylan Teel, Branden Roark, Jessica Teseny & .   I will add notes here as I scan the images & have information to put in.
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Life in Moss Hill


These photos are from the year 1940.  As soon as I’ve rescanned them, they will be posted here.  


I had all the 1941 pictures scanned, but they met their demise in a server crash & all the scanned photos were victims of a lost CD when we moved last time.  They have to be rescanned, and I’ll post them here when they’re ready.  


The events of 1942 will link here.   The rest of the decade will be linked to the right.  The list will go live when the photos are ready.
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