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The original site on Patton-family.net contained  mostly scans of my mother’s photographs,  beginning in 1940 and running through the 80s.   I had posted a few pictures from the early 2Ks  that were taken at my dad’s birthday  barbecues.  But, as many of you know, that site  was destroyed as were the back ups of it.   Freak accident.  Long story.  I kept the domain  name so I can replace the site and add to it as  time goes on.  This is my first rebuilding of Patton-family.net.   Since the scans take so much time and  emotion, I am beginning the rebuild of this site  with the digital photos my family has  accumulated over time, beginning in 2000 and  running through today.
This site contains photographs from various  photographers.  All the copyrights for each  photo belong specifically to the photographer  who took them or to their heirs beginning with  the year they are listed in.  If I post anyone’s  pictures who don’t want them used, please  contact me and let me know & I’ll remove  them.  Photos of strangers on here (as in the  6th Street photos), you were in public.  Get  over it.  Photographers contributing to this site are:   Jewell Patton, Carol Patton, Laurie Patton,  Gene Curylo, Branden Roark, Haylan Teel, Eric  Teel, Cameron Roark, Jessica Teseny, Allen  Herman, Joanne Jones Herman, Maggie Teseny,  Mary Congleton.


Everyone who knows us, knows that  Halloween has always been a big damned  deal for us.  Therefore, to do justice to  the family tradition of a big, spectacular  Halloween, our Halloween pictures will be  enshrined in its own separate place.  You  won’t any Halloween pictures in the  month of October from any given year. All the Halloween photos will be listed under the Halloween tab up there, or you can get to them from this button right down here:
“I’m saying this is the South.  We’re proud of our crazy people.  We don’t hide them up in the attic.  We bring ‘em right down to the living room and show ‘em off.  See, Phyllis, no one in the South ever asks if you have crazy people in your family.  They just ask what side they’re on.” Julia Sugarbaker
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